Marteen Allen
Textile Designer + CREATIVE Consultant
Marteen Allen is a life-long New York native with over a decade of experience working as a textile designer and consultant creating luxury residential fabrics for textile mills and fabric houses. An artist from youth, her practice is rooted in a cross-disciplinary style that straddles fine art and design. She is inspired by linking the artist’s studio with design principles for a process that balances creative chance with careful planning. 
Her practice is defined by a commitment to textile craftsmanship and story-telling. She folds her experience into the projects she loves most: storied textiles for discerning clients. Her work has been featured in Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, and Surface mag. She launched Studio Jeannot [zha-no], a full-service textile design and creative consulting studio in 2022. 
Along with her degrees in Fine and Studio Arts and Textile/Surface Design, she reserves time for teaching, mentoring, and continuing education in painting, hand-weaving, and ceramics.